Company Info

Acme Fence Co., established in 1978 as a specialty contractor for guardrail and fence installation.

We have experience in our specialty throughout Alaska. Acme Fence is signatory to the Alaska Laborers Union.  We employ around 20 installers with an average 15 years experience, along with 6 full time support managers.

PLACE OF BUSINESS:  6230 A Street.  Midtown location with over 2 acres of secured yard with a large inventory of chain link and guardrail material including a 4700 sq.ft. warehouse/office building, and a 3000 sq ft welding/fabrication shop.

EQUIPMENT:  The Company owns a very sufficient amount of vehicles and specialty equipment, following is a list of major equipment owned:

  • 4 ea. 2 T Flatbed Trucks
  • 9 ea. 1 T Flatbed Trucks
  • 5 ea. Pick-up Trucks
  • 6 ea. Fork lifts
  • 4 ea. Hydraulic Guardrail machines mounted on Kenworth Tractors
  • 2 ea. Diggers mounted on jeeps
  • 2 ea. Highway Hydraulic diggers mounted on International Tractors
  • *1 ea. Caterpillar excavator with fence/guardrail pile driver
  • *4 ea Caterpillar 287 all terrain loader w/ post driver, hauling and fence distribution attachments
  • *1 ea. Nodwell w/flat bed
  • *1 ea GoTrac

* Machines designed for low ground impact situations

SAFETY: The Company has an active safety program, as well as site specific safety program and guidelines.  Acme Fence is a drug and alcohol free company.