Quality Asphalt and Paving
240 W 68th St. Anchorage, Alaska 99518

Todd Porter or Mike O’leary  522-2211
Fencing Kenai Airport – Parks Hwy guardrail
Seward Hwy Guardrail, C St. Fence & Guardrail

ASRC Constructors
3900 C St. Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Scott Dahl or Pete Casper  339-6719
Ft. Richardson Boundry Fence
Cherry Hill Haul Rd. Guardrail

Granite Construction
11301 Lang St Anchorage, Alaska  99515

Mike Miller
Wrangell Airport  Security Fencing
Abbott Loop Ext. Guardrail & Fencing

P.O. Box 92479 Anchorage, Alaska  99509

Harold Froehle or Bob Kemp 339-6700
Kotzebue Airport Fence – King Cove Access Rd.
Guardrail – Nome Airport Fencing

South East Road Builders
HC60 Box 4800 Haines,Alaska  99827

Ralph Swinton or Roger Snabell  907 766-2833
Coffman Cove Fencing

Brice Incorporated
P.O. Box 70668 Fairbanks, Alaska  99707

Sam Robert Brice  907 452-2512
Valdez Airport Fencing

State of Alaska, Dept. Corrections
550 W. 7th Ave Suite 1240 Anchorage, Ak.  99501

Scott Nichols 907 269-7391
Spring Creek Correctional Center
Prison Inner Fence Repalacement